A Device to Help You Track Your Most Valuable Possessions


Have you ever lost one of your most valuable possessions, say your car or your pet? It happens. It is good if you eventually find it at the end of the day but you will first suffer anxiety. The thing is, you can prevent these things to happen again. There is actually a tracking device that is as small as a quarter that can help you retrieve lost items.


Many Singaporeans think that GPS system is expensive that is why not all consider it. You have to know that there is a new way to track all your valuable possessions. The name of the device is TrackR. It was created by a California-based company. Finally the company made it into a reality. As mentioned earlier, this device is small and it can work with any smartphone.

TrackR is a modern tracking device that will change the way you are keeping tabs of the important thing in your life. Installing the device is easy. You just need to download the TrackR application first and then install it on your smartphone for free. After download, you just need to connect the application to your smartphone and then you are good.

As for the device, you can just attach it to whatever you want to keep track. The process from downloading to installing and connecting it will only take up five minutes or less. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set or use it. You can easily go through the process, do not worry.


The fact that the device is small and unobtrusive, you can just out it in anything. You can for instance put it on the collar of your pet and avoid another episode of frantically looking for him around the neighbourhood. It can also be put under the bike seat or stick it unto your laptop and other gadgets – actually you can touch it to everything that you hold dearly. For peace of mind you can even attach it on your kid’s backpack so you will know their whereabouts – unlimited possibilities.

How much does it cost? Well, since the company is just starting it’ll only cost you USD29. That is a small price to pay to keep your things safe. Singapore doesn’t have this yet but soon it will be available in the market. If you really want it, you can open the company’s website and order from there.

It can be an excellent gift too for someone you know who always lose something important all the time.


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