7 Makeup Artist Tricks to Perfecting Sexy Bold Lip

Bold lips are always fun and trendy, not to mention the instant boost of confidence it brings to anyone wearing it. So whether you gravitate towards the classic red or the summer appropriate neons, we called on some of Singapore professional makeup artists to give us some tricks to perfecting a fabulously intense lip.


1.       Exfoliate and Moisturize

Prepping the lips require proper exfoliation and moisturizing. Use a good lip exfoliator to get rid of dry and flaky skin before applying lip balm. Let it set for five minutes and blot them afterwards. This will remove excess product before putting on your lipstick.

2.       Conceal

To make the colour pop intensely, blur out your natural lip colour by applying concealer all over your lips. Chanel makeup artist Kate Lee recommends using an under-eye concealer for its better hydrating formulation than standard concealers. Brush across the lips and into all the nooks and crannies to create a clean, blank canvas for your lip colour.

3.       Line the Lips

You can either use a lip liner or the exact same lipstick with a lip brush to apply it. Start applying the product by following the natural line of the lips and then working your way inwards.


4.       Fill In

After lining the lips and partially filling them in with a lip liner, fill the rest of the lips with lipstick straight from the tube. The more matte your lipstick is, the longer it will going to last on the lips.

5.       Blot the Lips

Take a tissue and place it between your lips to remove emollients and leave only the pigment. Reapply the lipstick and then blot it once more. You may have to repeat this three to four times to get the most intensified colour of the lipstick.

6.       Clean Up

You smeared up a bit here and there? No fear. Use a concealer to go around the edges of your lips. Apply a bit of product using a Q-tip for precise and clean application. Doing so will not only clean the look, but also contrast the lip colour, making your lips look like it’s professionally done.

7.       Set It

Make your sexy, bold lips last longer by dusting loose powder over it. Use a super lightweight or a big fluffy brush to powder your lips. This is the last step that will set your lips for the entire day/night.

Now that you know the tricks, take your game to a whole new level and create your own bold and fabulous looking puckers.


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