5 Ways to Beat Your Treadmill Boredom

Running is known to be one of the most efficient ways to get your daily dose of cardio workout. However, it can get extremely boring, especially when you’re forced to exercise indoors using a treadmill. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to spice up your workout routine and beat your treadmill boredom.

Treadmills in a gym

  1. Run With a Friend. A little competition can actually serve as a good workout motivation, so next time you decide to head to the gym, call onto one of your girlfriends and exercise together. Challenge each other by doing a fun interval workout or by racing against each other. This won’t just serve as a great way to get fit, it’ll also allow you to spend some quality time together.
  1. Create a Fun Workout Playlist. Aside from getting a running buddy, another way to boost your motivation to workout indoors is to create a fun workout playlist. Music can actually be a great way to pump you up for your routines, so take some time to create a special playlist made just for when you exercise. Fitness experts even suggest creating a fast-paced workout playlist to keep you motivated in your long workouts.


  1. Perform Interval Exercises. Solely running at a steady period for several hours can really result to boredom. So change up your routine and make it more challenging by performing interval exercises. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), for instance, can be a quick and effective way to burn some calories. If you want, you can simply incline your treadmill and switch up your speed, or alternate between lifting weights and running on treadmill. Just remember to choose an interval exercise that fits your needs and exercising capabilities.
  1. Come Up With a Training Goal. Regardless if it’s a big or a small goal, creating one is already enough to boost your motivation to exercise. For starters, you can just set small goals like running a mile without stopping, or completing a 5k race. Training for a certain goal can help in making you feel that every minute you spend running is already an accomplishment.
  1. Listen to a Podcast. Other than your workout playlist, you can also choose to listen to a podcast as you run. Not only will it serve as a great distraction, you’ll also be able to catch on the news and current events. Another great option is listening to audiobooks. Just download the book that you want to listen to and you’re good to go.

Whether your get a workout buddy or simply change up your routine, there are actually tons of ways that you can do to make your treadmill runs more exciting. So embrace your indoor workout routines and just have fun while doing it.



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