5 Tips to Remove Odour from Clothes

There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready for work and finding out that the clothes you just put on has a horrible odour. Well, this wouldn’t be a problem if you have an alternate outfit ready, but it can be downright frustrating when you don’t. Luckily, there are five simple ways on how you can possibly remove the odour and make your clothes smell fresher than ever.


  1. Hang Your Clothes Outside. Some odour can be easily gotten rid of by simply airing them for a bit. This is best done during sunny days and when there’s a light breeze. The sunshine aids in breaking down certain chemicals that cause odours, while the outdoor breeze airs out the remaining odour.


  1. Spritz Some Diluted Ammonia. You can try doing this trick before washing them or when they are already dry. If you plan on doing the latter, simply toss them in the dryer afterwards to tumble dry for a bit. Spraying the solution on dry clothing and tumble drying it saves more time than washing and drying your smelly clothes.


  1. Use Borax to Remove Odour. Borax is a white powdery substance that’s often used in most laundry detergent brands. So before you start washing your clothes, try adding half a cup of the powder with your regular detergent to further deodorize the stinky smell on your clothes. This trick is especially effective for synthetic fabrics that seems to hold on to odours more.


  1. Dilute Your Water Before Washing. Occasionally, clothing comes out of the washing machine with a bit of smell left on it. To prevent this from happening, the next time you wash your clothes try adding half a cup of Calgon along with your detergent. Doing so will dilute the water and allow the detergent to effectively remove any lingering odour in your clothes.


  1. Rinse With a White Vinegar and Water Solution. Certain types of fabric tend to hold odours longer than the other types, and the best way to deal with such problem is to use a white vinegar solution and wash the fabrics by hand. Rinsing using a white vinegar and warm water solution is the best way to go when it comes to eliminating odours in synthetic cloth.

Dealing with smelly clothes when you’re short of time can be really frustrating. So next time you wash your clothes, try using the aforementioned tricks to make sure that all kinds of odour will be eliminated from your clothing.


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