5 Things You Should Avoid Buying at Thrift Shops


With numerous thrift shops found in Singapore, it can be quite easy to get overwhelmed and purchase every one-of-a-kind item you see in each store you visit. Yet, the thrill of unearthing and buying these new treasures can also be the opposite of fun. If you don’t shop smartly enough, you could end up with a big box of clutter that you won’t ever use. To keep that from happening, we listed down of the things you should start crossing off your thrift shopping list.

  1. A Repairable Furniture Piece

Flea markets are known as one of the best places for finding gems that can be recycled. But if you’re not going to commit to giving these recyclable items the TLC they deserve, then it’d be best to avoid purchasing this type of things – otherwise, they’ll just become part of the clutter in your home.

  1. Books You Won’t Read

You’ll never know what you may dig up amongst the piles of books found at the store – a Jane Eyre First Edition hardcover perhaps? Well, if you can’t wait to find out how this book ends, then straight to the register. If you’re only purchasing it for display purposes, however, then just leave it for someone else to find and buy.

  1. Retro Clothing Pieces

We’re all guilty of having that I’m-going-to-make-it-work mind-set when it comes to purchasing retro clothing pieces. But unless this type of clothes if your everyday aesthetic or you’re attending a costume party, then it’d be a good idea to just leave these items on the store rack.

  1. Used Jewellery

Ensure that you know what you’re looking for with regards this category. If you’re not knowledgeable enough when it comes to recognizing genuine silver and gold, then you could easily get scammed.

  1. Broken Decorative Pieces

Regardless if it has a few cracks on it, it’s quite easy to find a decorative piece that you can’t seem to part with. If you’re sure that its damage is still repairable, then go ahead and purchase it. If not, then it might not be smart purchase to make.

It can be quite easy to purchase unnecessary items when you’re overwhelmed with your thrift shop visit. But knowing what items you should avoid purchasing at these stores will surely help in saving you extra bucks, as well as in cutting the clutter in your space.

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