5 Short Family Getaways from Singapore


Planning for a short and easy family getaway? It’s unarguable that everyday can be a holiday here in Singapore, thanks to all-year round sunshine, exquisite F&B scene and kid-friendly destinations.

However, it’s also great to explore the great attractions outside the Little Red Dot. Singapore is surrounded with isles perfect for a weekend family getaway. So, pack your things and prepare the family, and take your pick from this list of short getaways from Singapore.

  1. Bintan (Indonesia)

Other than Sentosa, this is the closest neighbouring island, and it’s a go-to for people who want a quick getaway. Whether you just want to play golf, do water sports, explore the jungle or just spend time with the kids on beautiful, white-sand beaches, an effortless escape to Bintan is something to look forward to.

  1. Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is comparatively cheap, accessible and diverse, and has quite a lot of lovely beaches, too. Our favourite is the Marriot Mai Khao Resort in the north side of the island when it comes to family getaways. You can take a stroll in the resort’s lush garden or ride in a buggy to the nearby beach to witness the stunning sunset. Also, it is near Bang Pae waterfall, so if you wish to explore more sights outside the resort, it is worth the trip up there.

  1. Maldives

It isn’t the most affordable option, but we heard no one who’s been in the place and regretted going there. If you don’t mind spending a fortune on a holiday getaway, this is a dream vacation and you surely won’t go wrong with any of its luxury resorts. For family holidays, it really matters to choose a resort with kid-friendly amenities and leisurely activities, which the island has a lot of.

  1. Gaya (Malaysia)

This place is just pure magnificence. Gaya is a little island offshore of Kota Kinabalu where you can bask in beauty of Borneo in a place far from anywhere. What’s best in this island, apart from its intimacy and remoteness, is that the people in this island really practice what they preach and believe in terms of ecological sustainability. The PURE programme will immerse you in environmental and cultural heritage with its activities offered.

  1. Rawa (Malaysia)

Nothing can top the sand and water in this island. The wide expanse of gorgeous white sand against the turquoise clear water is straight out of the postcard, and you’ll likely care less about the accommodation since you’d prefer spending most of your time on the sand or in the crystal clear waters. Just make sure to bring your snorkel and goggles and to slather some sunscreen, because you’ll be looking down at the island’s glorious sea life for days.

The Lion City may be teeming with sights to behold, but the islands nearby also have equally compelling destinations to offer. If you’re looking for a breathtaking place for a weekend getaway with the family, look no further than these neighbouring islands of Singapore.

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