4 Ways to Manage Impulsive Behavior

Each and every one of us gives in to our impulsive behavior from time to time. But at certain points in their life, some people begin to struggle controlling it. The problem with being impulsive is that it can negatively affect our lives and we barely notice it. Because impulsive behavior can go out of hand, it’s important to come up with ways to control it. Here are some things you could do.

1. Confirm before acting

A lot of times, we jump to conclusions without even thinking if something is actually true or not. This can be about rumors, news, or even just the slightest bit of information you get at the workplace. Not confirming information can cause misunderstandings that can be damaging to your relationships. That is why you should try your best to confirm if something is true before actually speaking about it.

2. Delay your decisions

Being impulsive basically makes you rush your decisions or not think about them carefully. Do you really want to ask a question in the middle of the presentation? Do you really need a new phone? Before you actually do these actions, put it off for a minute or even a week. If you’re tempted to ask a question in the middle of a discussion, count to ten very slowly in your mind. This can help you discern if the question is really worth rushing over. If you’re buying new things, on the other hand, try to put it off for a week if you know that it’s really not that important.

3. Look for alternatives

For example, you might have an impulse to buy more books to read even if there are some you haven’t finished yet. A simple alternative could be to buy a bookmark instead. Doing this can help you remind yourself that you still have unfinished books and you don’t need to buy new ones yet. Let’s go again with the example of asking in the middle of a presentation. A good alternative to this is simply to write the question on paper. This way you get it to put the thought out of your mind and you could always get back to it at the right time.

4. Do something productive

This doesn’t have to be work-related as well. Try to pick up a hobby and be productive with it. This way, you’ll rarely have to think about your impulsive behavior and focus more on positive endeavors instead. It also doesn’t even have to be a hobby as well. You can clean your desk or arrange your books maybe as a way to suppress your urge to go shopping at Clarke Quay, for example.

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