4 Common Solo Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Solo travelling has become more prevalent in today’s generation. With our hectic day-to-day lives and having to deal with different people on a regular basis, solo travel could be the antidote to how busy we are every day.
To make the most of your alone time, get acquainted with the most common solo travellers’ mistakes and make sure not to fall into these traps.

1. Expecting to save a lot by staying at hostels
Backpackers know very well that hostels offer a good selection of affordable private rooms in a well-located area of the city. However, many hostels usually quote nightly rates per person, instead of per room. If the room can hold two customer s, you will be billed for two persons.

Some tourists find this pricing structure opportunistic, but try to view it in the business owner’s perspective, who only wants to maximize limited space for the business to survive. There are times though that paying double will still save you money. Just do not expect to get the same amount of savings a couple can achieve.

2. Ignoring danger warning signs
The area of your prospect accommodation may look perfectly safe in broad daylight, but may become dodgy at night. Are you sure you want to book a night in that location?

Danger warnings are sometimes inaccurate. It could be that the warning is outdated. But just to make sure, err on the safe side. These safety warnings are even more important for solo travellers. Criminals prey on someone who is alone, and tend to ignore those who appear to travel in groups. Therefore, it is best to avoid spots with warning signs and blend in the crowd as much as possible.

3. Scheduling a flight early in the morning or late at night
Flights scheduled during inconvenient times of the day are usually priced cheaper. Since you are looking for a budget flight, you will likely get one of these flights and find yourself landing at night in an unfamiliar place. Similarly, you would be out in the streets three in the morning to catch your 5 a.m. flight.

You can be a target when wandering around with a luggage. Avoid these flight schedules or at least make an arrangement with a reliable person to escort you to the airport. Everybody wants extra savings, but being robbed will only negate the benefit of your airfare savings.

4. Skimping on planning the activities to do alone
It is your only time to enjoy your own company. Even if you have met new friends, there are still activities better done alone. These might be activities that relate to your interests than not everyone appreciates, such as an extended time in an art museum, or physically demanding activities like surfing lessons.

Enjoy the rare times of being alone. It is not every day that you get to spend a lot of your time for yourself. If given the chance, make the most of it and make sure not to waste any on these common solo-travel mistakes.


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