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Why Bookkeeping Your Personal Finances Is a Must

  Bookkeeping is often used for handling business finances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for personal purposes. Just like how it helps businesses in Singapore, bookkeeping can provide the same benefits on your personal finances in ways mentioned below. It helps achieve your goals If you’re saving up for a house, a […]

Financial Planning

How to Tell if a Diamond is Synthetic or Not

  They say that diamonds are girl’s best friend. This is the reason why you want one and there is nothing wrong with that. Here in Singapore, there are many diamond stores and securing one or two is not that difficult. You have to expect that it will cost you – at least for a […]

Various Shopping Hacks

5 Things You Should Avoid Buying at Thrift Shops

  With numerous thrift shops found in Singapore, it can be quite easy to get overwhelmed and purchase every one-of-a-kind item you see in each store you visit. Yet, the thrill of unearthing and buying these new treasures can also be the opposite of fun. If you don’t shop smartly enough, you could end up […]

Various Shopping Hacks