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Modern Changes on the Gender Roles in a Family

The gender roles in a Singaporean family structure are what give children the idea of how a man and a woman should be. In the good old days, these gender roles in a family are clearly defined and followed religiously. The father of the house is the dominant figure in the family. He is the […]


Tips When Arguing With Your Girlfriend

Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride mainly because men and women do not meet eye to eye all the time. One moment can be a picture of bliss while the next can be a picture of chaos. Men are from Mars while women are from Venus which really only means the difference in gender can […]

Are You in Love?

A Woman’s Guide to Preventing Heart Diseases

Let’s say you detected a suspicious lump on your breast. You’d probably call your gynae and have it examined pronto. But we bet that you aren’t paying extra attention to another potential problem on your chest: your heart’s health. Females are said to be five times more likely to die from heart disease as they […]

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