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It’s Okay: 3 Wedding Items You Can Skimp On

  When you are nearing 30s and you’ve been to more weddings than you can possibly remember, it is time that you consider your own wedding. Wedding is a start of your life together and it is not that easy to accomplish. Getting married here in Singapore is kind of expensive. For example, if you […]

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Useful Tips to Encourage Good Manners

  As parents, we only want our kids to be respectful and courteous because it can take them far. With that in mind, we should begin teaching them good manners. Teaching them good manners is a lot of work but it should not be neglected. Good manners is like brushing your teeth every day – […]

Kids' Behavior

Avoid First Date Awkwardness  

  The dating scene is undeniably a complicated field because there are no definite rules or surefire ways on how to make a meeting spark and lead to a lasting relationship. Even the first time you lay your eyes on your potential partner present accompanied risks—the chance of second date practically hinges on it. Typically, […]

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How Women’s Dating Standards Change as They Age  

  Do you still remember the days when all you wanted is just a six-pack abs to pass out? Then, for some reason, you realized that you are fine with a dad bod? When you look back at it, you wonder with amazement how your set of preferences changed over time and you thought to […]

Are You in Love?