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New Findings About Speed Dating

  When we are looking for someone, we have to spend time not just wait for things to happen. There are some Singaporeans who consider blind dates and to some extent speed dating. Speed dating is not new here in Singapore although there is a common misconception that speed dating is only for the desperate […]

Relationship Concerns

Couple Talk: Budgeting Income  

  When we decided to get married, it follows that we need to secure a home to build our family. When we have the family, it follows that we need to provide the needs especially clothing, food and education. Some welcome the challenge but there are few who cannot commit to such. For those who […]

Financial Planning

Girls’ Night In! Best Chick Flicks to Watch with Your BFFs

  Popcorn? Check. Awesome company? Check. Now, all you need is a pile of good movies to make you laugh and cry your way through an amazing girls’ night in. Here, we bring to you the best chick flicks to watch with the squad. Mean Girls Why is this perfect? Because Regina George’s mean moments […]

Recreational Activities

How to Use Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Perhaps, you’ve heard about hypnosis as a weight loss method. It works by regulating your psychological state and dealing with the reasons why you’re eating unhealthily. So, in theory, this technique could provide far better results than simply cutting down your calorie intake. But what if you can’t afford to see a professional? Try doing […]

Weight Loss Techniques