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The Future of YouTube  

  Many Singaporeans love YouTube as their online video service. Due to increasing demands, YouTube actually thought of something more profitable. YouTube announced recently that they will launch a subscription version. The viewers will pay a monthly fee to remove YouTube’s advertising. YouTube announced in an email to their channel owners that a monthly fee […]


Job Hunting Tips for Those Who Are Switching Careers

You’ve quit your 7-year job and now you’re planning to enter a different industry. While waiting for your turn to be interviewed at this new career venture, you realize that most of your fellow job seekers are at least five years younger than you. You then think: Do I have a fighting chance to be […]


4 Ways to Get Rid of the Newbie-At-Work Jitters

Getting hired for your first job can really give you an ecstatic feeling at first. However, that feeling of delight and excitement can turn into stress and tension as you go on working on your first day and realize that you’re the youngest and the least-experienced one in the office. While it’s normal to feel […]


Services Offered By Most Locksmith Companies

Whenever we talk about locksmith, the first thing that often comes to our minds is response to emergency lockout situations. While this is true, only a few knows that locksmith Singapore offers extensive works that are related to lock and key combination. In fact, these companies offer a range of locksmithing services. The most common […]