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A Ghost Encounter: Two Things to Do

You should be afraid when you see a ghost. It’s only normal, right? It is okay to shout louder, to cry for help, to pray a thousand times and to run like you are Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth). There are so many places wherein you can see ghosts. One is in the […]

Ghost Encounters

Not All Strangers Are Bad

When we were young, we were told by our parents to not talk to strangers no matter what happens. They say that you are also talking to a bad person if you talk to them. Speaking to a person you do not know is not a good idea especially if you don’t have any companion. […]

Parenting, Safety and Security

Bizarre Home Cures

If you have minor health or hygiene issues, going to the emergency room is overkill. It is important that you know some home cures so you can remedy your minor health or hygiene issues right away. Of course, you can rely on your medicine kit or cabinet. You do not know when over-the-counter pain relievers […]

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