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Marina Bay Sands Attractions

Marina Bay Sands is an incorporated resort facing the Marina Bay. Marina Bay Sands is placed on 15.5 hectares of land with a total floor area of about 581,000 square metres. It officially opened on April 27, 2010. The resort has a hotel exhibition and convention amenities, theatres, entertainment facilities, restaurants and retail shops. The […]

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Properties of Copper

Copper is a brownish or reddish element that is amongst the most broadly used metals around the world. Copper’s elemental symbol is Cu. It is amongst the transition metals found in the periodic table of elements and has an atomic number of 29. Copper was widely known during prehistoric times and was quite possibly the […]


Reverse the aging process with Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is known to combats factors that cause pre-mature aging. In fact, health experts say that drinking alkaline water is one of the best solutions to looking younger and maintaining good health. We all want to feel young and look young. So in order to achieve that in Singapore, avoid the following activities that […]

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What You Need to Know about ActiveSG

Here in Singapore, the government is serious about promoting healthy living through active lifestyle. All Singaporeans and its residents are encouraged to join the race to healthy living with the help of some programmes initiated by the government. For instance, have you heard about the ActiveSG? This is a national movement that seeks to make […]

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Ways to Invest in Gold

Accumulating precious metals like gold and silver is very expensive nowadays. Only those who have the liquidity to purchase precious metals can accumulate gold. However, here in Singapore, ordinary individuals can accumulate precious metals in small denominations. Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX) is now permitting investors to purchase as little (as one gram of gold […]

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