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Managing your Domestic Swimming Pool

The heat is on. How will you deal with it? If you have domestic swimming pool, you should learn how to manage it so your kids will be safe. The first thing that you should do is make sure that the water in your swimming pool is healthy and clean. So, how will you make […]


Maintaining Your Home Alarm System

You want to sleep safely without getting anxious of how safe your family is inside your house. You should install home alarm system immediately to secure your property and your family. There are many home alarm systems here in Singapore. There are expensive ones and there are cheaper ones. Regardless of the brand and the […]


What is CCE?

You must be familiar with the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) if you are watching over your child’s education and learning. You should know that there is a new segment of the CCE. The new segment includes “Family Time” (for Primary 1 & 2 pupils) and “Reflect and Act” (for secondary school students). The syllabus […]


The Things to Know About Jamiya

Have you heard about Jamiyah Singapore? This is a welfare organization that seeks to help people with their legal concerns for free. The organization has been in the service for 37 years. To mark its 37th anniversary, volunteer lawyers are thinking about launching an online legal clinic. Of course it will be free. It will […]