Effective Tips on How You Can Take Notes Better

When it comes to keeping important details, especially ones that won’t be repeated again, you won’t always be able to remember everything you hear. This is what makes note-taking so useful since it allows you to remember more information more accurately.

And the art of note-taking isn’t just great for schoolwork – not only does it save you more time, but it also makes many things on your to-do list easier to remember and even organize if need be. To get started, here’s how you can start taking down better notes:

Use note cards instead of notebooks

Having a notebook comes in handy whether you’re at school or at work, but sometimes they’re just not enough as a way to write down important details – you also need to be able to access your notes on the go.

This is where index cards can come in real handy. You can make the most out of each card by paraphrasing information. Write the keywords down on one side of the index card, then write down the context of the keywords and their related meanings on the other side.

Know your best learning style

Different people learn things differently. Relying on reading alone is great if you’re a visual learner, but if you’re an auditory learner, for example, you might be better listening to your notes by recording them on your phone.

The best way to find out your best method of learning is to try different methods and see which one you like and which one you don’t. You should also shouldn’t relay on your notes alone, but rather use them as a way to supplement your memory.

Find the right pen that works for you

There’s a good chance that you’ve noticed some people, whether you know them or not, who only use a specific type of pen or writing implement because of either their writing style or their preference on how their handwriting looks. For instance, some people would prefer pencils over ballpoint pens, since they’re not likely to run out of ink when you need them the most, and that they’re easy to sharpen.

The best way for you to make sure you always have a way to write things down isn’t just to keep more than one pen or pencil around you, but to find make sure you have a replacement ready.

Highlight in fours and no more

Keeping the highlights to a minimum is not only a great way to make sure you retain and prioritize the most important information as much as possible. When there are four or more important words, paraphrasing helps to keep that number low and make things easier to remember.

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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Using Cork

Cork is a stylish material that’s both renewable and recyclable, making it really good for eco-friendly interior decoration arrangements that lean more towards a neutral or rustic approach without overpowering the space too much.

Here’s how you can use a cork board to add more spice to your home:

Cover your walls

A bold paint color can bring vitality into your space, but cork can be a great option when you’re looking for a budget way to bring a rustic feel to your interior decoration.

And not only do cork walls work in any space, but they also double as a hanger for all kinds of art, notes, or even pictures from your treasured memories and events you want everyone to see.

Cover your floor

Cork also makes for a great flooring, and while it does have its own pros and cons, it’s a great choice for high-traffic areas since it’s easy to refinish for cheap.

It also has other amazing properties as well: it’s great for soundproofing, which is great if you’re worried about making too much noise when you’re around. It’s also highly mold-resistant, perhaps the best thing that allergy-prone people can hope for.

Make a headboard

With its sound-proofing properties, you’ll be surprised to find out that you can add a tiny bit of Zen to your bedtime by installing a cork headboard to your bed – and wonder why you haven’t thought of that idea yet.

Make a bathroom mat

Wine-lovers rejoice – you finally have a reason to indulge! There are all kinds of tutorials you can find online on how you can re-use wine corks in order to DIY this bath mat.

If you don’t have enough wine corks, you can also use all kinds of cork accessories and re-make them into different kinds of decor.

Make decorations

There’s no end to the types of home decor you can DIY for your home with cork. If you don’t know where to get started, the simplest way is to just take some used wine corks, a Styrofoam ball, and a glue gun along with brown acrylic paint.

Turn cork stoppers into mini-planters

Want to start growing seedlings while also cutting down on the plastic? If so, all you need to do is hollow out a cork stopper and you have somewhere to place your seedlings in!

You can even stick magnets onto them with a glue gun so you can stick them onto the fridge for easy visibility, and because they’re biodegradable, you can take out the magnet and bury the whole thing in a planting pot and watch as your plant grows.

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How to Become More Assertive

No matter what type of work you do in Singapore, being assertive can be an essential advantage. Even then, some people are more natural at being assertive than others. But that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot learn. Here are some things to remember to help you become a more assertive person.

Be confident about what you can bring to the table

Basically, you have to know your own value first. It will be easier for you to be more assertive if you already have a better understanding of yourself in the first place. Knowing your value and what you can provide for the group can be a good foundation for confidence and assertiveness. Of course, you have to remember that even if you are confident about your abilities, it doesn’t mean that your ideas, desires, and opinions are above others’.

Hear out others’ feedback

Being open to others’ opinions and feedback is also a big part of being assertive. How? By asking for others’ opinions while voicing your own, it allows everyone to collaborate without anyone feeling left out. You show others that you are there as a team player and not are not planning to take credit for ideas that are not yours. If you are able to build this relationship with your peers, then it becomes easier for you to be more assertive with them.


For one, volunteering gives you the chance to display your skills while also allowing you to learn more things in the process. If you think about it, volunteering is the easiest way you can show assertive behavior. In addition to that, it’s also probably the safest when it comes to interpersonal relationships. You can minimize conflicts because you’re the one actually deciding to do the job yourself. 

Pay attention to your verbal and body language

It should already obvious why these two are important when it comes to communication. But sometimes we don’t notice that we’re using our hands too much or that our natural tone may sound rude to others. Even when you say or do something normal, there will be a chance that people will notice mishaps and take things the wrong direction. That ‘s why it is important to pay more attention to your words, the volume of your voice, and your gestures as well.

Know how to manage conflict

Conflicts and problems will always arise in the workplace. These situations are usually where one’s assertiveness will be tested. When you’re in the middle of an argument, it will be very tempting to yell at the other person and just let it all out. Although you somehow show a confident personality when doing this, it’s not the kind of assertiveness we’re aiming for. It would we better to keep your judgments to yourself and avoid putting the blame on anyone (unless necessary).


How to Overcome the Anxiety of Exercising

For most people, there’s usually a time when they want to start exercising to better themselves. But making that transition from a sedentary lifestyle isn’t really easy for all. One of the first things you’ll worry about is exercise anxiety. You hesitate to start your fitness journey because you’re afraid of being judged. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome that problem. Here are only some of them.

Start at home

One of the most common reasons why we have an initial fear of exercising is due to the feeling of looking bad in public. But, remember that exercising doesn’t have to be done at gyms or other public places. You can easily do push-ups, sit-ups, and other bodyweight exercises at home. Whether you live in a condo or an HDB flat somewhere in Singapore, know that you can still exercise in the comforts of your home.

Get a trainer

If you choose to start exercising in a gym, for example, one of the best things you can do is to get a trainer. For one, having someone to guide you is very important if you want to establish a good foundation when it comes to exercising. Plus, another reason why we have exercise anxiety is that we’re afraid of doing the exercises wrong and getting laughed at. But if you have your trainer with you, you won’t have to worry about those things anymore!

Go with a friend

If you don’t feel comfortable getting a trainer, you can always consider bringing a friend along with you! Going with someone you know can be a great way to shake off your nerves. It can also serve as motivation to exercise since you can both have some friendly competition. So, you won’t only overcome the anxiety, you’ll also get to your goals faster.

Don’t exercise in peak hours

Here’s something you should know; even the greatest fitness junkies prefer not to go during peak hours. Whether you’re lifting weights at a gym or enjoying a run in the park, you’ll love it if the place isn’t crowded. For one, you can have all the equipment on your own! Plus, you won’t need to worry about others’ stares because there will hardly be any people there anyway!

Just don’t mind others

Speaking of others’ stares, it’s really not something you should be worrying about. If you see a person looking at you at the gym, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s judging you. It’s just your mind playing with you. When it comes to exercising, everybody else is busy trying to better themselves. They dont really have time to worry about how others look.

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4 Bok Choy Recipe You Must Try

Bok choy, sometimes called pok choi or pak choi, is quite common in Asian markets. If you are tired of the usual recipes, however, there are ways to prepare bok choy to enjoy it more.

Lion’s Head Meatballs

Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce and Garlic

Lemony Garlic Bok Choy

Braised Bok Choy

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Introduction to the Dynasty Warriors Franchise

The Three Kingdoms period has long fascinated historians and warlord-wannabes for centuries with its cast of colorful warriors and leaders, the intrigues and betrayals, and the spectacular battles waged for supremacy. Although a video game might not be the best way to retell this chapter in history, the Dynasty Warriors series is the best-known adaptation of the period and is fun to play besides.

Dynasty Warriors (1997)

The series itself is a spin-off of the turn-based strategy series called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This one focuses instead on weapon-based fighting similar to hack and slash games. The first installment is slightly different from the rest in that it focuses on one-on-one combat. It only had 16 playable characters including Nobunaga and Toukichi who are not from that period but are included in another series Samurai Warriors. The other playable characters are Dian Wei, Xiahou Dun, Xu Zhu, Cao Cao, Lu Xun, Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Sun Shang Xiang, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang.

Dynasty Warriors 2 (2000)

The gameplay in this installment is what the series would come to be known for: crowd combat. You get to choose one of the 28 playable characters to complete levels inspired by the real battles of the Three Kingdoms period. For the first time, it also introduced the free and Musou modes. Musou is the equivalent of the mission mode in other games where you play a particular character’s story.

Dynasty Warriors 3 (2001)

The installment introduced a two-player mode, several new characters, weapons, and stages that expanded on the previous title. Most notable is the introduction of new characters to under the “other” classification.

Dynasty Warriors 4 (2003)

More characters are introduced in the fourth installment and a new mode, called Edit Mode, is included. The objective is pretty much the same as in the previous game, but there are also secondary objectives. There are a total of 42 playable characters not including those who can create.

Dynasty Warriors 5 (2005)

Similar to the previous game, there are two new features introduced here including Challenge Mode and the Encyclopedia for all the characters in the game. There is also a feature where you need to defend bases from the enemies and to attack the others to gain strategic points.

Dynasty Warriors 6 (2007)

Several new features are introduced including the Renbu which is a way to build up powerful attack combos. That means you do not need to rely on the weapon alone. The Renbu even has a skill tree similar to those in RPGs. Dueling is reintroduced but in a slightly different form.

Dynasty Warriors 7 (2011)

With so many characters to choose from, there are a lot of changes in this installment including customization, special attacks, Conquest Mode, morale level, weapons, and support animals.

Dynasty Warriors 8 (2013)

The Other faction here is given more substance as they have their own story mode. The game seems to shift focus more on changes in the way the story is delivered than in the combat.

Dynasty Warriors 9 (2018)

This seems like an entirely different game as it is set in a open world where you can freely roam. There are also a lot of content and activities like fishing, camping, etc. Combat has also been overhauled to allow for more variety in attacks.


Is Pilates Worth Trying?

Going around Singapore, you might see more and more Pilates studios popping up. But exactly is it? Though not many people know about Pilates, it’s slowly getting more and more recognition in the industry. Here are some things you should know about Pilates and its benefits!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system designed for improving posture while also increasing strength and flexibility. Most exercises in the system focus on engaging the core, but there are also some that involve other muscle groups. It’s also generally convenient because it doesn’t involve a lot of equipment.

The focus on posture

The one thing that separates Pilates from most exercise forms is that it includes improving posture as a fundamental aspect. Because you’re strengthening your core, makes you more aware of your posture. Simply because of this, you’re helping the alignment of your spine not only while you’re doing the exercise but outside of it as well. This is also a big reason why many turn to Pilates to alleviate back pain.

Helps develop natural strength

You develop strength through Pilates without actually worrying about being too big. This is because you gain lean muscle instead of more muscle mass. That’s possible as a result of doing body-weight exercises instead of using weights and machines. So with Pilates, you’re building toned muscles instead of bigger ones but you’re still increasing your strength all the same. 

It increases flexibility

Pilates mainly involves a lot of stretching. Pilates can help you improve your ability to stretch your muscles and joints. Using natural movements, you won’t need to worry about pulling a muscle or joint while doing exercises. This, overall, will greatly enhance your range of motion. This can be a good reason to try Pilates if you’re already lifting weights yourself. 

It reduces the risk of injury

Pilates utilizes focused and well-intended movements. This basically means you have to always be aware of how you move your body during the exercises. Along with the use of natural movements, this can help reduce your likelihood of getting injuries from other physical activities. That being said, Pilates can also be used as rehabilitation for already-injured muscles or joints. 

It shares some similarities to yoga

As mentioned earlier, Pilates requires you to be aware of your movements. More than anything, it prompts you to practice your mind-body connection. This makes it seem like Pilates and yoga are connected. In fact, the inventor of the system, Joseph Pilates, did take some fundamentals from yoga asanas!

Anyone can do it

Simply put, Pilates is an exercise for everyone. If you consider the points above, it can help kids and older people with their posture. It can help lower the risk of injuries for athletes or help rehabilitate injuries. It’s also even considered a good exercise for women preparing to give birth.

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